Paper Plane - CD

Honest heart-felt vocals, provocative chord progressions and catchy melodies take you on a powerful journey through life’s ups and downs.


Paper Plane

Paper Plane is Richard Sutton’s debut studio album and draws together songs from different times in his life, that collectively tell a coherent story – a concept album of sorts.

Released on 15 October 2018, the album is crammed with metaphors and analogies. Themed around the unpredictability of life, it takes you on a ride through its struggles, triumphs, disappointments and regrets. At its heart is the desire and determination to break free from the constraints that hold you back, many of which are built in your own mind.

Track listing:

  • Nothing Matters Anymore - 3.45
  • Bracondale - 3.01
  • Drifter - 4.27
  • Irene - 2.52
  • Leaves on the Line - 3.29
  • Sleepy Dust - 3.58
  • Friend on the Go - 3.41
  • A New Day - 3.27
  • Paper Plane - 4.23