MP3 EP - Four Seasonal Songs - RICHARD SUTTON

MP3 EP - Four Seasonal Songs

Graham Dee sings four nostalgic Christmas songs with a surprise bonus.

Skylight White Tonight
VACCINE (For the World) COP-Out Remix
When the Snow Starts to Fall (A Song for the Lonely)
I Remember Christmas
I Remember Christmas (Late Night Version)

Graham Dee sings four relaxing but thought provoking Christmas songs for those who are lonely in this festive season. The EP also comes with a surprise bonus, the COP-out Remix of VACCINE (For the World)

Track 1 - Skylight White Tonight Written by Graham Dee and Richard Sutton , this Christmas song was inspired by snow falling on the skylight of their music room during a winter songwriting session. The pandemic inspired them to finish writing and recording the song.

Track 2 - VACCINE (For the World) - COP-out Remix Written by Graham Dee and Richard Sutton, this remix is a plea to save the world, in the aftermath of an ambiguous COP26. 'Out of place on a Christmas record, it may be, *but *if we don't get our act together there won't be any more Christmases,' says Graham.

Track 3 - When The Snow Starts to Fall (A Song for the Lonely) Written by Graham Dee and Godfrey Wang, this beautiful song is for all those who feel lonely or are on their own during the festive season.

*Track 4 - I Remember Christmas *This Christmas song was written by Graham Dee and Sara Blumenstein in New York in the 1970s, and takes us back to Christmases as they used to be. This version is a remix with new vocals, recorded in 2020.

Track 5 - I Remember Christmas - Late Night Version A relaxed, contemplative late night version of track 4, recorded in 2002.